CRYODERM HEAT Pain Relieving Warming Lotion, 12 packets

THERMODERM Pain Relieving Warming Lotion, Single use Pack One box of 12 packets
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CRYODERM HEAT Pain Relieving Warming  Lotion, box of 12 packets


CRYODERM HEAT is for external use only. Before use, carefully read and follow all directions and precautions on the label. Do not use this product and then expose the treated area to any external heat sources such as but not limited to a sauna, hot bath tub, heating pad, hot shower or other extremely hot environments. Do not cover or bandage over this product in any way.Do not use with other topical pain relief products or any other product that produces heat. Do not put this product in your eyes, mouth, on mucous membranes, or genitals. Use sparingly at first and build up to a heat level that is comfortable for you. CRYODERM HEAT contains Capsaicin and Camphor and can cause redness and skin irritation in some people.